Swix: NEW RaceX Bodywear

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New generation of super bodywear, Ultra stretch and lightweight fabric, Optimal moisture transport, For racing and warm days!

Swix RaceX Light Bodywear was further developed from our test-winning bodywear collection and is intended for use on warm days with high activity levels. Lightweight and excellent moisture transport. Developed in close collaboration with textile engineers, the mix of perfect fit and fabric has also been tested and approved by our team of top athletes. -Maximum breathability -4-way superstretch -Ultra-light fabric -Seamless underarm section -Anti-odor treatment -Anti-pilling technology -”X fit

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Flylow 2019 Spring Summer Collection

In thIn the mountains, mud marks the transition between winter and summer. A time when the tourists disappear and the trails begin to reappear, peeking out from under a season’s worth of snow. A lot of mountain town regulars flee south for surf breaks and singletrack during this time. But for us, this is what brought us to the mountains in the first place. Not the mud, exactly. But the wildness of empty, open spaces. The oppor- tunities to explore. And the viscerally changing seasons that come and go like the tide. 
The mountains are unpredictable. That’s part of the reason we love them. What you wear when you’re running out the door shouldn’t be. That’s part of the intent of Flylow’s casual and ready-for-anything spring and summer line—it’s reliable, dependable, and goes from muddy trails to river canyons to backyard barbecues. So no matter what your day brings, our gear is ready for action.


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For some of us a climb is a challenge, an obstacle to overcome. With training we get stronger and can climb the same hill easier – or faster. But it usually does not last long before we set our eyes on even bigger or faster or more challenging climbs.

For others a climb is an adventure, a promise that once we reach the top, col or ridgeline new horizons will open up and broaden our views and, on the way down, we will get to play with gravity.

Whatever your motivation, Suunto’s annual Vertical Week is here again!

Suunto World Vertical Week 2019 starts on Sunday, March 3rd and ends on Sunday, March 10th.

Put on your running shoes, hop on your bike or release your heels and start skinning up the hill. Track your adventures with your Suunto watch, upload your activities to Suunto app and, by the end of the week, we’ll know who climbs the most in a week. And it’s not only about individual performances: we want to see which country averages most vertical during the week and which activity takes you up the biggest climbs.

To participate, join the challenge in Suunto app! 

Share your Suunto World Vertical Week experiences on Instagram using Suunto app’s photo sharing with data overlays and use tag #VerticalWeek. Three of the most inspiring posts will win Suunto 9 watches.

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Asked to explain the design process behind the new Speedcross 5 shoe, Salomon’s Global Footwear Design & Innovation Sport Science Director Philippe Besnard says he and his team went back to the “source code”. When Philippe first started saying “source code”, people around the Salomon Annecy Design Center (ADC) looked at him somewhat curiously.

Pressed to elaborate recently, Besnard leapt out of his chair, ran to a nearby white board and began scribbling. (He’s a passionate guy, so he does that fairly often.)

“The source code is the fundamental origin of the shoe; the essence,” he explains. “Its definition is unique. The shoe can evolve from there, but the essence will never change. With Speedcross, you know it’s ready for outdoor unpredictability just by looking at its athletic silhouette and aggressive lugs. You can see that it will be agile and bite the ground because of the lugs. It’s like a motocross tire, with no compromise. And you can’t take the lugs from the Speedcross because that ability to bite the ground is part of the source code.”

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While Besnard believes the source code of any product—whether it’s a shoe or a mobile device—doesn’t change, he firmly believes that the technology to make the product better can and must evolve. “Technology just allows us to push the design further,” he says. “That is the execution.”

Today, Salomon sells more than 1 million pairs of Speedcross shoes annually. But, like any longtime product success story, the shoe has had to evolve in order to maintain its popularity. In fact, as Salomon footwear designers worked to create the fifth generation of Speedcross, there was risk in continuing with the status quo. The challenge for Besnard and his team of designers was to magnify the shoe in a new and modern way.

“We needed the Speedcross to be more Speedcross,” he says bluntly. “It’s an icon. We know that. So we needed the simplest execution of that, but we needed it to be more expressive.”

As a result, Speedcross 5 was built to evoke more emotion. The new design might be subtle to the end-user but the goal was to display greater power, improved grip and sweeping curves. “It has more attitude than the previous design,” Besnard says. “I can’t tell you how we did that exactly because you don’t give away the recipe. But it has a higher profile, more lugs, improved comfort and fit around the foot and the heel is higher.”

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You wear gloves for skiing, sure, but if you live anywhere cold—you probably wear gloves everyday. Whether it's for shoveling, clearing snow off your car in the morning, or walking the dog, you need something lightweight and versatile to throw on your hands on your way out the door. Enter the Maine Line gloves, from Flylow, a lobster-claw-style glove that Outside just called of their favorite, everyday gloves for men.  

Outside writer Jakob Schiller writes, "The great glove-versus-mitten debate is solved with the Maine Lines. Three of your digits get to sit together creating extra warmth, but you still have a mobile thumb and pointer finger for added agility. As a result, the gloves are good for scraping frost off your car but also good for shredding pow in the backcountry. Made from pretreated, waterproof pigskin, they’ll last for years and come with stylish Flylow colors on the back."

Read the full review here. 


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It's winter, the snow has turned the mountains white and yet you don't want to put away your trail running shoes? Are you looking to stay fit or simply keep on enjoying the pleasure of running? No problem! Here's our advice to go running in the snow. Why not? Preparing for a white trail?


When running uphill, you must carefully analyze the terrain and find the best footing in the snow. Once again, you will look to land on your forefoot.

On the smooth, even snow of ski slopes, tap your toe into the snow. You will create a little step under your toes and will have a better grip to propel you forward. If you place your foot flat, you won't have any traction and will slip.

In snow that has already been carved up, aim for the holes and steps already created.

You'll see, you can also climb during winter trail running!


When going downhill over powder, use your weight and don't try to slow down too much.

Remember to open your arms for balance. Embrace the slope and don't tense up, even if the ground is slippery.

Sliding is part of the technique and specific features of snow trail running. Accept it!

Accept that you will slide and don't see it as a constraint. With practice, you will be able to run fast downhill without getting tired.


If there is too much snow, take advantage of the opportunity to do other sports. Ski touring or cross-country are good complements to trail running. You will stay in good physical condition with these endurance sports.

Working your body differently can help you recover from a trail running season. Alternating sports is also good for shaking up your routine and motivating yourself when the weather conditions are difficult.

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Swix Reveals the Triac 3.0 Cross Country Pole

The new Swix Triac 3.0 is a significant step forward to meet the most demanding requirements in Cross Country. We have worked close with world leading athletes to achieve the new state of the art cross country pole. All details have been thought and no compromises are done. Performance and nothing else counts.
Stiffness: 23 mm
Shaft weight: 56 gr/m
Strength: 70 kp
Total weight 155 cm pole: 136 grams

135 cm - 180 cm. 2.5 cm interval.
Recommended use: 
Groomed trails, competition racing, skating and classic skiing.


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High-performing sport designs, classic exploration, stylish urban wear – changing the look of your watch is now easy

Vantaa, Finland – Suunto launches today a new collection of accessory straps in various vibrant colors and materials, providing a quick and easy way to adapt Suunto watches for different needs and looks. The collection includes ventilated silicone straps specifically designed for high output activities, classic textile and silicone straps for exploration and outdoor sports, and stylish leather designs for urban wear.

All accessory straps come with a quick release mechanism and are easy to change without any additional tools.

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New high-performing ventilated strap design

Suunto introduces a set of silicone straps which feature an all-new ventilated design, ideal for high output activities where breathability is crucial. There are two strap widths, 20mm and 24mm, the narrower are compatible with Suunto 3 Fitness watches and the wider with all Suunto 9 and Suunto Spartan Sport watches. The 20mm ventilated accessory straps color-match perfectly with Suunto 3 Fitness watches, and are available in White, Black, Ocean and Sakura. The 24mm ventilated strap designs give your Suunto 9 or Spartan Sport a fresh, new personality; choose from Lime, White or Black.

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Flylow Men's Albert Ski Jacket Review

A lightweight, stretchy shell that’s miraculously warm, thanks to Primaloft insulation.

We were on a skintrack in the backcountry, sweating in a thin midlayer. At the summit, the chill of non-motion set in and our body temperature began to plummet. We thought, ‘What if there was one jacket that was thin and breathable enough to climb and move around in but also insulated enough to keep you warm when you slowed down?’ That was the impetus for the Albert Jacket, a Primaloft-stuffed waterproof shell that’s breathable and compressible but also lightly insulated.


A large part of what has helped make Salomon a leader in the outdoor sports industry derives from a willingness to break the rules. When it comes to product development that can mean many things. It might be developers at the company’s Annecy Design Center (ADC) brainstorming new, groundbreaking footwear, apparel and gear through design exploration. Or it might be products that have been designed to meet the needs of athletes pushing the limits of outdoor sports. In the case of the prototype Shoe-Crampon System built by Salomon, it was the latter. It was fed by athletes like Kilian Jornet, Liv Sansoz and others on Salomon’s Outdoor Mountain Collective team looking to break new ground in alpinism.

Though the prototype Shoe-Crampon system will not be a commercialized product sold in stores due to its very limited demand and narrow focus, creations such as this feed Salomon’s technological, philosophical and inspirational programs; all of which lead to developments in the rest of the product range that benefit the everyday outdoor athlete.

Learn more about the Shoe-Crampon system.

Forbes: Suunto's New Smartwatch Is Affordable, Looks Great And Travels Well


Starting last week, Suunto, the company best known for making incredibly accurate off-the-grid GPS, sport and dive watches, announced that their newest active watch – the Suunto 3 Fitness – is now officially available for presale. And although the actual watch won’t be available and shipped until April 25th, I managed to get my hands on one for a few days. So, here’s the lowdown on the 3 Fitness, the watch that also happens to be Suunto’s most affordable watch out on the market right now with a price tag of $199.

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Swix Sport Partners with Finite Tools on Exclusive Branding and Distribution


Swix Sport AS, the global leader in ski wax and tools announced an exclusive partnership with Boise, Idaho based Finite Ski Tools. Called the “black box” secret at World Cup and Olympic Nordic Ski races for over a decade, Finite creates precise ski structure tools with unmatched accuracy and versatility. Finite Ski Tools, along with sister brand K-EDGE (maker of elite bike racing parts) is owned by AceCo Precision Tools of Boise, Idaho.

“I am proud to see SWIX recognize the quality and performance of Finite structure tools.” States, Eric Jensen, Owner/President of AceCo Precision Tools. “SWIX will now be able to offer the world what only a tight group of elite level wax techs and racers have previously enjoyed.” The Finite Ski Tools brand will discontinue direct sales and the sought-after structure tool will be offered under the SWIX brand, starting in the fall of 2018 exclusively at SWIX Sport retail and distributor partners.


“We really look forward to this cooperation and to updating the SWIX hand structure program.” Shares Eivind Opsahl, SWIX Product Manager. Utilizing feedback from Swix World Cup service, new Finite rollers with new patterns and structures will be introduced in the seasons ahead.  “The combination of Swix R and D resources and AceCo manufacturing capabilities is a perfect match” continues Eivind. Testing of new structures will begin immediately.

“It’s an indispensable tool,” adds Swix Racing Service Director, Chris Hall. “No wax box is complete without a structure tool of this caliber.”


The Swix Finite Tool will be available for preview at this year’s American Birkebeiner Expo pricing is TBA.

Outside Reviews Tough Guy Gloves: Flylow


Ten years ago, we were busy slathering our own hardware store work gloves with Sno-Seal in our kitchen oven when the idea came to us: What if we pre-treated leather work gloves with waterproofing Sno-Seal, so people didn’t have to deal with the process in their own home ovens? Would skiers buy a glove like that? Turns out, the answer was a resounding yes. For the last decade, our work gloves — which are hand-treated and triple baked by ski bums in our Denver, Colorado, headquarters — have flown off the shelves. The gloves, which come in a variety of styles and leathers, are durable, waterproof, and affordable. They’re perfect for ski patrollers, spring skiing mountaineering missions, shoveling out the car, or really any day on the mountain. Outside magazine recently featured our classic Tough Guy glove in their October issue, on stands now.

Suunto Launches a New Compact Dive Computer


Suunto introduces the new colorful Suunto EON Core, a compact dive computer with a large color display, designed to serve beginner and active as well as advanced recreational divers. With modern features like mobile connectivity, wireless tank pressure transmission with Suunto Tank POD, updatable software and a re-chargeable battery, this dive computer is a loyal diving partner that grows with you.

"The premise of designing the Suunto EON Core was to answer divers’ needs for a lightweight and compact color screen dive computer without compromising the features and technology Suunto is known for.” Comments Juha Suoniemi, Dive Business Unit Director of Suunto.

Outstanding readability in all conditions

The Suunto EON Core’s wide, clear color screen provides all the important key dive details in bright, high contrast colors. The new prominent display option shows the important dive info with large, legible numbers that are easy to read and understand at a glance.

The always-on LED backlight ensures that you can see the vitally important data even when exploring wrecks in murky waters or diving at night.

If you are a beginner diver, you can choose the clear ready-to-use default screens for your dive. For more advanced divers, Suunto CustomDisplay™ enables modifying the features up to five different displays to meet your personal diving preferences. 

Light-weight and re-chargeable with easy-to-use menus

The re-enforced composite case is light-weight and comfortable on any size of wrist with an elastomer strap or bungee (sold separately). The battery is re-chargeable and can be easily charged through USB, so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries. You can dive 10-20 hours with a one charge, depending on your settings.

The intuitive 3-button menu logic, known from Suunto’s EON Steel, makes using the Suunto EON Core effortless underwater, even with thick gloves. The Suunto EON Core supports 17 languages.

Wireless transfer of dive logs and updatable software

After the dive you can transfer you dives to Suunto Movescount App over a wireless Bluetooth connection with a mobile device. You can also change your settings, keep a diving diary and share your underwater adventures and pictures on Suunto Movescount.

The Suunto EON Core is also compatible with the Suunto Tank POD. You can connect wirelessly with up to 10 Suunto Tank PODs to display tank and gas information during the dive.

Thanks to its updatable software, Suunto EON Core is a long-last dive companion for years to come.

The Suunto EON Core is available in fall 2017, at the recommended price of €699.
The Suunto Tank POD is available at €299.

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Suunto Spartan Tutorial

Want to see that beautiful vista again or be sure you can get back to your car? Save it as a Point of interest (POI) to find it easier. With your Suunto Spartan you can navigate to any POI that is in your watch POI list. You can either create POIs in Suunto Movescount and sync them to your watch, or save locations as POIs on your watch as you go.