A large part of what has helped make Salomon a leader in the outdoor sports industry derives from a willingness to break the rules. When it comes to product development that can mean many things. It might be developers at the company’s Annecy Design Center (ADC) brainstorming new, groundbreaking footwear, apparel and gear through design exploration. Or it might be products that have been designed to meet the needs of athletes pushing the limits of outdoor sports. In the case of the prototype Shoe-Crampon System built by Salomon, it was the latter. It was fed by athletes like Kilian Jornet, Liv Sansoz and others on Salomon’s Outdoor Mountain Collective team looking to break new ground in alpinism.

Though the prototype Shoe-Crampon system will not be a commercialized product sold in stores due to its very limited demand and narrow focus, creations such as this feed Salomon’s technological, philosophical and inspirational programs; all of which lead to developments in the rest of the product range that benefit the everyday outdoor athlete.

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