New Salomon Boots for 2016-17 Season

With ski resorts pushing back their opening dates, it can seem like the minutes and hours are dragging along and the ski season will never come. But have no fear, the snow will eventually arrive — it always does — and these extra few days of down time present an opportunity to evaluate your gear and see where you might want to make a few upgrades.

We chatted with local ski shops about new ski gear they’ve picked up for the 2016-’17 season, and here are some of their favorite picks.


The specs:

• Weight: 4,286 grams

• Flex index: 110

• Strap: 45-millimeter power

• Last: 100/106

The details: Nothing derails your powder-day buzz like cold feet, but the newest tech from Salomon could help keep you on the slopes longer, even on the most frigid days.

The company has created its X Pro Custom Heat boots with liners that deliver consistent, even heat all the way around the foot, rather than the limited range of after-market heated insoles, said Matt Carroll, general manager and hard goods buyer for Double Diamond ski shop in Lionshead Village.

“It has a little charging mechanism that you plug into the wall and then you plug that into the back of the liner,” he said. “There’s three different heat settings on the boot, so you can pick: If you’re going to ski all day, leave it on setting 1 or 2; if you want a quick blast of heat, turn it up to 3 for a short period of time.”

Carroll saw the all-mountain boot for the first time at last year’s SnowSports Industries America Snow Show and was impressed with the product.

“We sell a ton of after-market heaters,” he said. “If you take the cost of a regular retail boot and add the cost of the heater to it, it’s about the same price, and if it’s already integrated, it makes it that much easier and it’s one less step to deal with.”